Our Mission

Bridging the Gap . . .


To empower parents, medical professionals, & local hospitals to better the lives of children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) through education, building awareness, enabling more expansive specialist equipment, and knowledge accessibility.

Our Core Values

  • Driving change to give more life
  • Connecting a community of families
  • Empathy and understanding

Our Aims

  • Raise awareness of CHD in children
  • Provide clinical education and training within local hospitals for dealing with CHD
  • Provide clinical knowledge and training – via videos, presentations, and face-to-face sessions from experts
    • Educating medics to better support and communicate with parents of CHD children (speak their language)
  • Build a platform of shared knowledge, trusted links, and advice for clinical professionals and cardiac families
    • To provide information and support to parents of CHD children so they do not feel lonely, isolated, and unheard
    • Provide CHD guidance from experts and information resources for both medics and parents from pre-birth to post-birth wellness
  • Support for families following diagnosis – psychological and practical support
  • A network for families – Enabling families to share their stories, experiences, thoughts and ask questions
  • Try to support building and growing more resources for Children’s Acute Transport Service (CATS) and clinical teams
  • Fundraising projects – e.g., equipment